Karlsborgs Municipality

Karlsborgs Municipality

Is there any other employer that can offer such a wide range of occupations than a municipality?

Karlsborg municipality can offer about 100 different professions, most of which have their workplace just a stone’s throw from Lake Vättern! The fantastic landscape and proximity to nature give Karlsborg its very unique character - a real Golden Place!

Goals and Possibilities

With us, it is important that every employee can feel proud of their efforts and their business. We believe this is created, among other things, by giving everyone the opportunity to develop, learn new things and participate in the improvement and development work. To give our employees good opportunities to combine workplace requirements, their own needs and privacy in a developing way, we also strive for flexible working methods and working hours when possible based on the needs of the business. We have Sweden's most important job and you can make a difference!

Karlsborg - a real Golden Place

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Telephone: 0505-17000

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