Project Group for the Fair 2022

Planning of the Career Fair Framtid (future) 2022 is underway! Do you want to affect how the fair will turn out? You can apply to be part of this year’s project group! 

We are looking for people to fill the following roles: 

  • Project Assistant (assigned)
  • Exhibition Coordinator (assigned)
  • Sponsor Coordinator
  • Graphic Artist

(More information about the roles is available below)

It can be scary to have an area of responsibility, because responsibility in and of itself is scary. But the purpose of this project group is to all work together to create a successful fair, for students, by students. You are never alone, we help each other as much as possible. So if you’re even a little interested in applying, do it! It’s a good way to get to know new people. and it will look really good on your CV! 

Send your application to, or please contact us if you have any questions! 

In the project group for Career Fair Framtid 2022, there are five areas of responsibility, including the project leader. In addition to your own tasks, everybody helps each other where needed, to the best of your ability. The group will have regular meetings throughout the scope of the project. All members will attend the fair on the 3rd of March 2022.

We are looking for people to fill the following roles: 

Sponsor Coordinator

You ensure that more companies are visible at Framtid! You are in contact with Studentkåren’s partners and the fair sponsors. You will, together with the project leader, find ways that the sponsors can participate in the fair. You put the cherry on top to ensure that all participants (students, exhibitors, and fair hosts) have a memorable day, with goodie bags, prizes and more. 

Main tasks: 

• Contact with partners and sponsors, and involve them in the fair

• Find valuable and fun products for goodie bags and activity prizes

• Together with the exhibition coordinator, collect sponsor material from the exhibitors. 

Graphic Artist

The main responsibility in this role is as a graphic artist. As marketing is a very important aspect for ensuring a successful career fair, the entire project group will work together, but you will have a little extra responsibility to make sure it all runs smoothly. As a graphic artist your main task is to produce print and communication material based on Framtid’s graphic profile. You produce materials for marketing purposes and ensure that logos, names and company descriptions from sponsors and exhibitors are collected from the exhibition and sponsor coordinators, and that they are visible in our channels. You also update Career Fair Framtid’s own web page. 

Main tasks:

• Produce information- and marketing material 

• Make the fair pamphlet, and other printmatieral, such as flyers and T-shirt designs  

• Plan digital marketing on different social media platforms, as well as physical marketing on campus 

• Ensure that information online is available, correct, and updated frequently 

Send your application to, or please contact us if you have any questions! 

Project Assistant (assigned)

The project assistants role is largely to help, and discuss ideas with the project leader. You are familiar with the project plan, budget, and other important documents. You are also responsible for the fair hosts. 

Main tasks:

• Create and follow a marketing plan together with the project leader 

• Support the project leader, and help where needed

• Prepare and conduct training of the fair hosts

• Recruit fair hosts, collect necessary information about them, and allocate company hosts

Exhibition Coordinator (assigned)

As exhibition coordinator your main focus is the companies that will be partaking in the fair. You make sure that the exhibitors can focus on what they want – networking with the students. You ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the exhibitors logistical needs are met. 

Main tasks:

• Together with the project leader, plan a system for choosing which exhibitors are offered a spot at the fair 

• Plan the fair area and distribute stands

• Manage and compile registrations and keep in touch with exhibitors during the day

• Ensure that the exhibitors have everything they need during the fair (e.g parking permits, cables, tables, etc.)