For international students

framtid  fram (”forward”) + tid (”time”)

  1. future (the time ahead)
  2. future; something that will happen
  3. a career fair in Skövde where you and other students can meet local employers and prepare for life after your studies

The career fair Framtid is a place for students and local employers to meet and connect. It attracts around 700 – 1,000 visitors and 35 – 40 exhibitors each year and offers a fantastic opportunity to connect students with business. Framtid is arranged for the 35th time in 2020!

About the event
Students are the talents of the future, driven employees, trainees or summer workers, and through the fair, companies and organizations have an excellent opportunity to market their business to them. At Skövde University there are 7,000 people who could, in one way or another, contribute to business in Skaraborg through summer jobs, extra jobs, internships, degree work or perhaps even a job after graduation.

But Framtid is not only about job offering. By talking to exhibitors, listening to inspiring lectures and presentations, the day aims to open doors and broaden minds of the students as they get a sneak peek of what the future has in store. That way, they can also start creating an idea of their upcoming career.

The Student Union of Skövde
Framtid is organized annually at the University of Skövde since 1985 on behalf of the Student Union in Skövde. Among other things, the Student Union works with educational surveillance, social events, labor market work and introduction.

For more information about the Student Union, visit their website.