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Is there any other employer that can offer such a wide range of occupations than a municipality?

Karlsborg municipality can offer about 100 different professions, most of which have their workplace just a stone’s throw from Lake Vättern! The fantastic landscape and proximity to nature give Karlsborg its very unique character – a real Golden Place! With us, it is important that every employee can feel proud of their efforts and their business.

In Falköping municipality, you work with Sweden’s most important work! Here are the jobs that offer something for both the brain and the heart. We want to be at the forefront of welfare technology to have more time for what is really important – humanity.

We have the job you long for!

We have about 300 different professions and all are equally important for our welfare. We offer good development opportunities and a wonderful work climate with committed colleagues. You have many opportunities to change place or focus on your career and we see full-time as a right and part-time as an opportunity.

We are for the people of Falköping!

In Falköping municipality, we focus on sustainable development, we care about quality of life to increase the well-being and well-being of those who live and work in Falköping – now and in the future.

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Welcome to Region Kronoberg

We are one of the county’s largest employers with about 7,000 employees. There are two hospitals in the county, Växjö and Ljungby, 32 health centers, 15 public dental clinics, habilitation, rehabilitation and forensic resp. general psychiatry. We are also responsible for public transport, regional development and parts of cultural life. We have more than 200 different professional categories. The Kronoberg region is geographically the same as Kronoberg County, which is located in the middle of Småland. We are one of the country’s smallest regions, but when it comes to results and quality, we are often among the foremost in national comparisons. We are the small region with the great opportunities. In our organization, those who want to, have great opportunities to be seen, heard and influence.

The good life in Kronoberg


Our county is known for, among other things, glass and furniture, forests and lakes, red cottages, Ikea, Christina Nilsson and Carl von Linné. But Kronoberg is much more than that. Here, for example, there is a flourishing musical life and a rich cultural life that offers something for everyone: theater, museums, art and film. There are many opportunities for outdoor life, nature experiences and sports. Kronoberg is located in the middle of an entrepreneurial region with small business and forward-thinking spirit, in terms of IT and digitalisation, Kronoberg is sometimes rightly called Sweden’s answer to Silicon Valley. Here you will find creativity, faith in the future, and vitality!


Move to Kronoberg


We are convinced that support and a good start not only facilitates the introduction to your new working life, but increases well-being and your establishment in our county. We therefore offer new employees who move to Kronoberg County support with housing issues, moving, orientation, etc.

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Study abroad?

With studies at the University of Skövde, you have the opportunity to study further at a college or university abroad. Build on your degree or study a master’s abroad!

 When you want to know more about studying abroad and get practical help at a good university abroad, you as a student will receive free expert help from STUDIN.

Become a teammate in Skövde municipality

Make a difference in a growing city!

Skövde municipality is one of Skaraborg’s largest employers with almost 5,000 employees, all of whom work to facilitate and create a good everyday life for Skövde’s residents and visitors.

Meaningful jobs

You who choose to work with us get a meaningful job. Here you can work with developing the city, creating conditions for building housing, caring for the elderly and disabled, educating children and students, decorating parks, supplying heat and water, cooking or premises and much more.

More employees for a city that attracts more people

As Skövde grows and we get older, we also need more employees. There are hundreds of professions in the municipality and we offer just over 700 vacancies / year.

Apply for our vacancies

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You are also welcome to contact us via the Contact Center by telephone: 0500-49 80 00.

Science Park Skövde is a playground for innovation – for the most important players of the future. The entrepreneurs. The Game Changers.

The society needs innovative, creative people who have the ability to imagine things we have not yet seen. If you have an idea, we can help you build a sustainable business out of it. Maybe your idea can be part of the solution of the societal challenges of the future?

Meet the future with us! We are nurses and doctors at the center of events. We are technicians and analysts who solve tomorrow’s challenges.

We are 56,000 employees and we are one of Sweden’s largest employers. We have 200 different professions from lifesaving to regional development.

Together we make a difference!

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