What is Dialect?

Do you feel that you want to be part of a company that gives you the best conditions for development? Then Dialect Skövde is the perfect workplace for you. Dialect is Sweden's leading partner in smart digitized solutions.

We in Skövde have broad knowledge in all our business areas, such as our own development department, business system consultants, IT consultants, electricians and a nationwide support department. We weave together IT, finance, and software development for optimal customer delivery and ensure that all parts work together. With us, you get to be involved and make a difference in Sweden's small and medium-sized companies and help them develop.

Is Dialect right for you?

There is a need for system developers, finance, operations and IT consultants, as well as sales people. We believe in the potential of the individual and that every individual has the opportunity to reach where they want, as long as the drive is there.

Do you feel that this suits you?
Then do not hesitate to apply to us.

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