Who are ALTEN?

ALTEN is one of Europe’s largest technology and IT consulting companies with over 33,000 employees in over 30 countries. In Sweden, we have 11 offices in 10 cities – from Lund in the south to Skellefteå in the north. We believe in growing together by offering development, opportunities and togetherness.

A Global Actor with a Local Presence

As a global player, we can benefit from our overall technical experience and resources and take on large and complex assignments, wherever in the world the needs arise. As a local player, we have the opportunity to work close to our customers – something that is also a prerequisite for being able to deliver competitive solutions at the forefront of development.

We're very proud to have been named a career company for three years straight. We believe it’s a nice validation of our continuous work towards being an attractive employer, making sure we offer you what you seek in a workplace.

You heard it before, and we try to say it as often as we can: We believe in growing together. What does that mean in practical terms? It means we seek to offer you development, opportunities and togetherness.


Our goal is to maintain a work environment where our employees can develop, personally as well as professionally. We also believe that our employees develop each other. Our leaders have the right competence and tools for a successful coaching leadership, where every potential of each individual is valued and taken into account.


Our clients are active within several different sectors, which creates opportunities for you to build your own career and enables you to work with what you are passionate about. Due to us offering competence throughout the whole line of production, there are exceptional opportunities to broaden your competence. ALTEN Group’s extensive global presence also provides opportunity for an international career.


It is our full conviction that to be able to do a really good job, it is important that you enjoy your workplace and have fun together with your colleagues. At ALTEN there are plenty of opportunities to come together and do what you enjoy. Our committed employees frequently arrange activities, so if you have your own idea on what to do, let's make it happen - together!

So, in short:

We’re a global actor with a local presence. Our goal is to maintain a work environment where our employees can develop, both personally and professionally. By doing so, we offer opportunities for you to build your own career and to work with what you are truly passionate about. That’s how true commitment is created.

Just don’t forget to have fun on your way forward!

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